Our dear friends Tass and Barbara invited us to the wedding of their son Alexis and Brooke. The couple was living on Koh Samui island, Thailand, as does Alexis' sister Krystina. We accepted the invitation with great pleasure, and decided to make a 12-day vacation out of it. I managed to get tickets to Bangkok using frequent flyer miles; Bangkok Airways took us the rest of the way (1 hour flight). Brooke and Krystina got us a very nice room at a fantastic little hotel, The Lodge in Bo Phut "Fisherman's Village", close to where they live and to the wedding venue. This wonderful little island is perfect for relaxing, shopping, partying, and enjoying Thai food. Tass, Barbara and their family & friends showed and took us around the entire island. The seawater is at a pleasant 28º C (82 ºF) most of the year.

Thailand Koh Samui map

Hotel on Koh Samui

Our hotel: "The Lodge" in Bo Phut

Hotel on Koh Samui

Hotel on Koh Samui

The beach, right behind the hotel

Hotel on Koh Samui

Hotel on Koh Samui

View on the street side, and of the beach-side garden

Hotel on Koh Samui

The breakfast bar

Mobile kitchen


A mobile kitchen and restaurant


An hour-long relaxing massage on the beach - and quite inexpensive


Myself, contemplating life...


We had to spend two nights at a hotel down the street - the owner of "our" hotel moved us on a moped


Many fancily decorated temples on the island


Roof tiles

At a temple under construction, we dedicated a roof tile to our cat Satchmo

Chaweng bar

Hanging out at a girly bar in Chaweng


Ready to launch a lampoon with wishes for the wedding couple

The couple

The couple: Brooke and Alexis

The families

The couple, both families, and the witnesses

The venue

Part of the venue for the ceremony and the dinner party

With parents

The happy groom and parents

With Tass

The guys


One of the many pretty flower arrangements


Tass and I enjoying a good Cuban cigar

Frank and Tass


A light fruit meal


Group dinner at the French restaurant across the street from the hotel

Pascale and Frank


Local craft work - I bought the one on the right as a souvenir


Coconuts are (were) the traditional industry of the male population

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