In March of 1993, we went on an 11 day cruise on the Nile. Flew into Cairo, where we visited the incredible National Museum, the Gizeh plateau with the Sphinx and the pyramids, Memphis, and the stepped pyramid at Saqqara. Then another flight, down to Luxor, from where we made some day trips to Karnak, and the Valley of the Kings. Finally, we cruised down to Aswan where we visited Philae island and made a trip to Abu Simbel. Along the way, we visited tempels at Dendera and Kom Ombo. The cruise was very relaxing and the visits to the various historic sites very impressive - though after a week or so, "temple saturation" sets in.

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Egypt - tickets

Entrance tickets to various historic sites

Egypt - pyramids

Myself at the pyramids on the Gizeh plateau on the outskirts of Cairo

Egypt - TITLE

Egypt - camel ride

Camel ride at the Great Pyramid - not particularly comfortable...

Egypt - Tut Ankh Amun

Funeral mask of King Tutankhamun

Egypt - Cairo museum

Magnicient artwork in the National Museum in Cairo

Egypt - Stepped pyramid

The stepped Pyramid of Djoser at Saqqara

Egypt - Dendara

Christine at the Dendara temple complex

Egypt - Luxor

Myself at the Luxor temple complex

Egypt - orphans

Orphans tying carpets and rugs

Egypt - scenery

Scenery along the Nile - looks like it may have in biblical times...

Egypt - dance evening

Dance evening on the ship. I was good, almost too good!

Egypt - dance evening

Egypt - spice shop

Spice shop in a market street in Aswan

Egypt - scenery

Dinner with Ali (concierge on our ship) at his uncle's restaurant in Aswan

Egypt - Abu Simbel

Massive statues at the entrance of the temple at Abu Simbel

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