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Most recent SSTV image
SSTV image N-1

The two images most recently received at my QTH in the south of France

(this page re-loads every 60 sec)

  • SSTV image N-0
  • SSTV image N-1
  • SSTV image N-2
  • SSTV image N-3
  • SSTV image N-4
  • SSTV image N-5
  • SSTV image N-6
  • SSTV image N-7
  • SSTV image N-8
  • SSTV image N-9
  • SSTV image N-10
  • SSTV image N-11

The twelve most recently received images - click on image to see it in full size


  • Created mid-2008.
  • Standard frequency: 14230 kHz.
  • Date + time (UTC) of reception is indicated in the lower left-hand corner of each image.
  • Station locator: JN03qo.
  • Antenna: 2x6 m dipole, 2m above ground, wire direction ~ East-West
  • SSTV software: good old MMSSTV. Auto-slant is typically OFF. In other words: WYSIWYG ("what you send is what you get"). If an image that I received from your station has a bad slant, calibrate the clock-setting of your SSTV software (both RX and TX!) - don't blame me for it: mine is calibrated! Click here for help on how to do this.
  • Image management and upload software: KE5RS ftp widget (V7.3.6). Thanks John, for helping me getting this up & running! Click here for a description of how I set up this page, set up the FTP widget, and set up MMSSTV.
  • This page is refreshed every 60 sec (obviously, new images only appear when my cam is On Air, and I am actually receiving images).
  • Other SSTV Cams (I sometimes use them to check my own transmissions and propagation conditions):
  • Images aggregated live from SSTV cams around the world by GØHWC
  • Images aggregated live from SSTV cams around the world by CX2ABP
  • List of world-wide SSTV cams by HF-FAX

Links last checked: October 2015

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