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I created this HellCam (probably the world's first) in May 2008, using Hellschreiber software from Nino, IZ8BLY. It is configured to auto-save a capture of the entire receiver screen every two minutes. It is (still) the only Hell-capable software that can do this! When I am active in Hell mode, these images are automatically uploaded to this page with FTPGetter Pro software. Download of this software is free, but without registering ( = paying), you have the free evaluation version (with a message that goes away within a minute). But that is all you need: it has all features, you can create an unlimited list of upload/download profiles, but only the first two profiles on that (easily reconfigurable) list are enabled. My FTPgetter settings (with exception of the password, hi) are here - the XML file can be imported into FTPgetter. For a basic webcam, you only need one such profile. Obviously, you need a website (with ftp access) for uploading the images...

Note that I use the screen-captures in their original bitmap format (no choice with the IZ8BLY software), so they are rather large (1.8 MB). Use this page only if you have broadband internet access! If downloading an image takes you longer than the page refresh interval of 100 sec, then this webcam may not work for you... Also, due to relative timing of screen capture, file upload, and the refresh interval of this page, you may occasionally get a page update without an image update, etc.

My QTH is currently in the South of France (QTH Locator: JN03qo). Antenna is a short dipole or a Small Transmitting Loop antenna ("Magnetic Loop"). If I am tuned-in to the Weekly European Feld-Hell Net on Sunday afternoons, I may be using a remote Web-SDR receiver in The Netherlands or a KiwiSDR in the same area.

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