The pages of this website are updated and expanded on a regular basis, but minor changes will not be listed here.

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  • Throughout the year: made many additions to the "Magnetic Loop for 80-30 mtrs" page, in particular a completely new DC motor drive for my vacuum capacitor.


  • October-December:
  • Added this page about a Small Transmitting Loop (STL, "Magnetic Loop") antenna, with the loop made of a Slinky® coil toy.
  • Expanded the general STL page with one more type of coupling loop (variation F) and a section about the effects of temperature and humidity on the tuning capacitor.


  • My website is now over 15 years old - time for a major overhaul:
  • Website development, structures, styling, etc., has come a very long way since I started out. I got rid of the outdated "frames based" page structure and ugly Frontpage-coding, eliminated "Flash" animations (not supported by "Apple"), introduced HTML5, etc.
  • This has been a major (!!!) undertaking, and I had to learn a lot of new stuff - the hard way. It has been an interesting-but-time-consuming challenge.
  • I did try to accommodate old web browsers (such as Internet Explorer IE8 and older), which is rather tricky. There are at least half a dozen major web browsers out there (and a couple of dozen minor ones) - they have inconsistent interpretations of html and CSS.
  • The pages should work with touch-screens as well now, but viewing the page contents may not be easy on tiny screens. I had to draw the line somewhere, and I am not a professional web developer.
  • Re-formatted all pages (well over 200 pages - not just amateur radio stuff), touched up all images (almost 2000), checked nearly all of the ca. 2000 attached documents, made a completely new menu structure, etc.




  • consolidated stuff about my antenna tuners on a separate page.
  • added a page about experiments with a bent dipole (inverted-U).
  • added "miniVNA VFO software" page with description of software that I developed, to use the miniVNA antenna analyzer as a VFO signal generator.


  • added description of a home-built tube-roller (bender) on the Magnetic loop for 80-20 mtr page.
  • I recently acquired an Alinco EDX-2 automatic antenna coupler to go with my Alinco DX70TH transceiver. I am in the process of installing it, with a 16m long end-fed wire antenna and a 4.5m vertical antenna.





  • Re-located from Seattle to Toulouse/France in 2001, bought a small transceiver in 2004, and started playing with a Slinky-coil dipole, hanging from the rafters inside my apartment.


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