In December of 1989 we moved out of our apartment in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, put our belongings in storage, and moved to southern Germany. In January of 1993 I started my work assignment at Bodenseewerke Gerätetechnik (BGT) in the historic town of Ueberlingen, on the north shore of beautiful Lake Constance (Bodensee in German). The lake is 63 km long (ca. 40 miles). Its southern part is Swiss, and the small eastern tip is Austrian. The river Rhine flows through it. Besides tourism, the lake area is one of Europe's largest fruit and vegetable growing areas, including the famous hops from Tettnang (35 km east of Ueberlingen). Around the lake, wine is grown.

Lake Constance

Satellite image of Lake Constance

Ueberlingen is marked by the arrow

Lake Constance

Downtown Ueberlingen, seen from the lake (1992)

It was hard to find a (furnished) apartment, so we spend three months in a luxury hotel overlooking the town, and then found a nearly-finished vacation home on the edge of town. We actually got two apartments next to each other, in order to get a minimally acceptable amount of space and a second bedroom.

apartement in Ueberlingen

We had two tiny apartments on the ground-floor of this 6-apartment block

About a year later, we moved to an upstairs furnished apartment in the neigboring village of Uhldingen-Mühlhofen.

Apartment Uhldingen

Pano view on alps

On a (rare) clear day, you get a great view of the Swiss alps across the lake

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Lake Constance

Aerial view of the historic center of Ueberlingen (1992)


Crests on facades in Ueberlingen, Meersburg, and Constance

Lake Constance

Aerial view of nearby Meersburg, with the oldest inhabited castle in Germany (dating back to the 7th century)


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