S.V. "Vivid"

Sailing vessel "Vivid" of Ben & Peppi Haywood in Lighthouse Point, Florida

S.V. "Vivid"

The "Vivid" cruising in the Florida Keys - Christmas 1985

On S.V. "Vivid"

Relaxing on the "Vivid" - Christmas 1985

Penn Yan

1950s Penn Yan motorboat (14 ft) on Lake Josephine, Florida

Club med Djerba 2004

Club Med on Djerba (Tunisia) - 2004

Club med Djerba 2005

Frank & Pascale at Club Med on Djerba (Tunisia) - 2005

Kayak on Bow Lake 2008

Kayaking on Bow Lake, New Hampshire - 2008

red-blue line

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